About AC United

Success is a journey not a destination

AC United is a club in North London founded in 2012 by 2 coaches and a parent who wanted a better environment or the children they coached and mentored. Both coaches who started with the one team, focused on the boys development and welfare and as such developed training programmes in line with how academies trained their boys. They gained there experience from both being scouts for Crystal Palace and developing their own connections with clubs up and down the country and viewing how teams trained their boys.

Very rarely are training sessions the same each week and they have developed from the one team through to a club that has 8 teams form under 8’s upwards. Going back to that very first team they started with, they have had 8 boys with signed contracts in to various teams throughout London from the premiership through League 2.

Respect is a key for these boys developing in both life and football, and the sessions that are ran by the coaches are in line with how academy and development centres are ran. The key is to show boys and parents, how hard the transition is between grass roots and academy football and you for those who haven’t experienced this the gap is massive and the commitment is massive for both parents and boys.

We often have the academy players attend matches when they get the chance and time off to talk to players. A C United are a successful club and will continue to supply players into the academy system from their training sessions but will always educate the players and the parents, as although talent is especially key the commitment is huge.

Who We Are

At AC United we run a two tier system designed to accommodate players of all abilities.

Our main aim is to provide a safe, enjoyable earning environment offering purposeful activity. The surrounding area has had a growing gang problem and football is one huge way of countering the lure of gangs and anti social behaviour.

We also provide a pathway for ambitious footballers who wish to play at a higher level. Through various connections with academies and centres of excellence we give players who are good enough the chance to progress to Proffesional academies.

How we achieve this is by holding weekly training sessions and by playing in a number of local youth leagues. We also regularly play showcase games against other local and national organisations and professional football academies.

Our History